Sometimes you receive a financial document from a vendor directly in your own email inbox and not via your company's RogerAddress. Luckily, with Roger's browser extension you can easily submit the document to Roger without even leaving your email inbox!

How does it work?

In order to submit documents to Roger straight from your Gmail inbox (this also applies to companies using G Suite as their email solution), you have to use the Google Chrome browser that you can download here.

Next, install Roger's browser extension for Google Chrome, and you're good to go!

How to install Roger's browser extension

Find the extension in Chrome Webshop here, and click the Add to Chrome button:

The extension has now been installed!

  • Click the same button to remove the extension again (the button will then be called Remove from Chrome).

How to submit documents to Roger from Gmail

First, locate the email that has a document attached that you want to submit to Roger, and click the email to open it. Now, hover over the attachment icon. This will show you a number of icons - including the Roger icon that is used to submit documents straight from Gmail:

When you click the Roger icon, you will be asked to sign in to Roger:

Click Sign in with Roger to sign in. This will open another window where you must enter your email and your password and then click Log in:

You will then be asked to approve the connection between the browser extension and Roger. Here you also have the option to look through the various permissions that the extension needs for your Roger account:

Click Allow to continue. This will close the window and take you back to your Gmail inbox. Here you must now select to which company in Roger you want to submit the attachment. You must also select as which document type you want to submit the attachment (bill, receipt or credit note).

When you have made your selection, simply click Upload to Roger, and the attachment will be submitted to Roger as any other attachment.

FYI! If you attempt to submit an attachment to Roger that has already been submitted at an earlier time, you will be made aware of this to help you avoid submitting the same document twice:

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