Receiving credit notes and applying them has always been a task in accounting that if not vigilantly tracked, could lead to full payments when unnecessary and additional time reconciling accounts.

With Roger, you are now able to add, apply, and track credit notes with ease and accuracy, like never before!

Upload the document using any of the methods found here.

Look for the document to show up in your Inbox and click on Covert to credit note (shown in the image below)

Once the document is converted to a credit note, you will need to select the vendor bill that you want to apply the credit note to.

Click on Merge credit note

You will open a new pop up window where you can apply this credit note(s) available for the selected vendor. Verify that the information is correct and that you are accepting the credit note(s) to apply.

Click Save.

You will now see that the total amount due on the bill is reduced by the amount of the credit note that was applied.

Now simply allow the workflows to process the bills to the proper approval channels, or manually approve them to sync to your ERP. That's it!

Accurate, traceable and precise credit note application all within the same system. No more missed payments, or lost credit notes.

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