There are two ways to add staff members to your Roger advisor account from your Advisor Dashboard: one at a time, or by importing from a CSV file.

Manually adding staff one at a time is straightforward: simply click Add Staff and fill in the details requested. When using the CSV import method, there are 4 columns you'll need to fill out, each containing some important details we'll outline here:


List each staff member's first and last name in this column.


This is the email Roger will use to invite the staff member to your partner account.


This is where you can assign the role of each staff member you're importing. Due to the nature of CSV files, this step can be slightly cumbersome, so we've tried to simplify it for you. The column 'Role' can only contain digits 0-4, each of which corresponds to the roles outlined below:

0 = RestrictedStaff

1 = Staff

2 = Admin

3 = Owner (*only one can be provided*)

4 = Manager

So for example, if you want to import a staff member that should be manager, the value in the 'Role' column should be 4.


You can provided the group ID of the group you want the staff member to be part of. This column can contain one or more group names, and they will have to be comma-separated. If you don't want to assign a group to the imported staff member(s), you can simply leave this column blank.

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