FYI: This article only contains details that are relevant to Advisor accounts in Roger. As such, the contents of the article do not apply to non-Advisor accounts.

Groups are a simple way that Roger lets you grant your staff access to your clients' accounts. Here's the basic premise: 

Any staff member in a given group has access to all the clients assigned to that group. 

There are three quick steps we'll run through here to make this happen: 

  1. Create a group
  2. Assign the group to a staff member
  3. Assign the group to a client

How to create a group: 

1. Go to Groups page from the side menu of your Partner Dashboard. Click Create Group in the top right corner.

2. Give your group a name - it can be any name that makes sense for your company. You can create the group as a sub-group of an already existing parent group by selecting the Parent group below the name field. Click Add when you're ready. 

3. Your group will now be visible in the main Groups page. Here you can easily see the parent groups as well as their respective subgroups.

How to assign a group to a staff member

1. From the Staff page in the Advisor Dashboard, find the staff member to whom you want to assign a group. Click the three dots to the right of the employee's name in the list. Here, select Change role and permissions.

2. This will open a window where you can define the employee's roles and permissions. Under Access groups this staff member belongs to, you can select the groups you want this employee to be part of. 

Any group to which a staff member belongs will be visible next to the staff member's name in the Staff page. 

How to assign a group to a client

1. Click Clients in the side menu of the Advisor Dashboard, and find the client to whom you want to assign a group.  

2. Under Groups with access to this client, assign a group by selecting it from the dropdown menu of groups you've created.

Any group you assign to a client will be visible in the client's preview in the Clients page. 

A few notes:

  • All staff members in a group now have access to client accounts in that group using their login. If a staff member has access to a parent group, it means they'll have access to any client within any of the subgroups of that parent.
  • The client will only be able to see a staff member with access to their client account in their Coworkers page after the first time the staff member has accessed the account. 

Read more about access permissions based on your different staff members' roles here.

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