Roger automatically scans for payment information listed on each bill, and schedules payment accordingly. In some cases, however, the payment information is not listed on the bill, or the vendor has communicated that they would only like to be paid a certain way (ACH, Check or Direct Pay).

Note: What you select as a default payment method for your vendor should not be confused with the payment sources you set up in your account settings. We'll retrieve funds from your account via the payment source, and then pay your vendors using the method described in this article.

Here's how to add a vendor's default payment method: 

1. Go to the Vendors tab on your Roger dashboard. 

2. Choose the vendor you'd like to change the payment source for. Then scroll to the bottom where it says Payment Method

3. Select the type of payment method you'd like to set your vendor up with. 

  • Your vendor must opt-in directly with Roger if they'd like to use Direct Pay, after which it will show "Active." You can select ACH or Check yourself.

4. If you've selected ACH or Check, you'll be prompted to enter the details below (account and routing number for ACH, and address for Check). Don't forget to click the Save button!

5. After clicking Save, a confirmation window will appear where you you'll have to confirm the change, as well as apply the newly added payment information to all unpaid bills using the check-box at the bottom. Select the box if you'd like to do so. 

Now you're good to go; your bills will be paid using the payment information you've just chosen. 

  • Note: The payment source you've set here will automatically apply to all future bills paid to this vendor and override what the bill lists on it. 
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