Under Settings > Advanced > Approvals, you can turn the Live rules setting on or off in the company account by checking or unchecking the box: 

If the setting is not checked...

...then workflow rules will only be triggered when an expense is first added to your Roger account. In other words, an expense must meet the criteria of one or more workflow rules at the moment the expense is added in order for the workflow's action to be performed automatically.

If this setting is checked...

...then workflow rules will be activated if a change to a document is made that causes it to meet the criteria of one or more existing workflow rules.

Example: If amount of an expense is modified to be over $1,000, the rule below will be triggered. Previously appointed approver(s) will be automatically removed from the expense and Kate Lombard will instead be appointed as the new approver, and the category will be changed to Revenue

If the Live rules setting is not checked, the document's original approver(s) and category will remain. 

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