After a document is submitted to Roger, our state-of-the-art engine will scan, identify and record the below data. You can sync this data to your accounting software through one one of our integrations, and also use it as the basis of your workflows

1. Bills: 

  • Vendor information (name and address)
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Issue date
  • Due Date
  • Bill number
  • Payment instructions (if available)

2. Receipts

  • Vendor information (name and address)
  • Payment amount
  • Currency
  • Payment date
  • Receipt number

3. Credit notes

  • Vendor information (name and address)
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Credit note number

Note: Roger will also record some additional details about each document, which can come in handy when creating workflows: 

  • Type of document submitted
  • Keywords from the document
  • Which platform the document was updated through (web, mobile, RogerAddress)
  • Which coworker uploaded the document
  • The department of the coworker who uploaded the document

Read more what happens to your documents after they're added to Roger in this article.

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