Payments enables you to use Roger to pay your company's bills in a way that's easy, fast and secure. Instead of having to pay your bills individually, Roger takes care of them all from one place, in a fraction of the time, and even keeps your books up to date in the process. 

By default, Payments is toggled "on" in your Roger account settings, which means that once approved, all bills added to the account are automatically paid by the due date stated on the bill. You can always choose to modify the due date or amount yourself if you wish. 

If you do not want to make payments through Roger for a while, you can easily disable the Payments component under Settings > Components. Roger will not pay bills added while Payments is off, however you can always manually mark them as paid. If you wish to make payments again via Roger, you must turn Payments back on and begin adding the bills you wish to pay.

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